Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Let's hope 2013 will be more awesome than 2012.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Malacca. Weekend.

gonna turn this blog into a photoblog instead since I'm pretty lazy to write.

another relaxing weekend in m'cca but ended with a bang. literally a BANG!!!

cappucino from khaki coffee. genuine good coffee for any coffee lover.

baboon house, heeren street, melaka

the plant and setting is just too relaxing.

their smoothies is pretty  rich and tasty without any add-on sugar.
best drink to cool off the summer heat.

they even got duck in their backyard. just don't irritate it.

and the BANG that I was talking about. someone knocked my car's back when I'm on way back to KL, no dent, no scratch, no holes, just broken bracket holder =.=''' gonna bet heavily on my car's number this week.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

one year older, one year wiser?

im older. damn!

Friday, 29 July 2011

once upon a time...there was a boy, but now a man!

gosh, missing from blogsphere for like almost a decade but actually just few months, i think 6 months to be exact. hehe.

i guess the easiness and convenient of social network have really impacted us from writing our thought out to just few words on our wall, so other could "like" or comment it.

alot happening in between these period, good thing bad thing everything, etc.
i don't know where to start and where to end, so all i could say it is so far so good, but could be better.

it's july 2011 now, august is just few days down the road. soon, 2011 will be ending and come 2012.

having to ask myself this question: have you achieve what you aimed for this year?

answer is yes and no.
yes is i'm on track toward what i wanted, hopefully, and no for failing to do some, some that are promised by me however not being able to keep thus creating this negative emotion called disappointment! yes, disappointed someone important to me somewhere along the way, and the feeling of creating such emotion is not good at all, trust me! but let's skipped that because that's not the main thing why i'll sign in to blog this entry.

15months ago, she spoke softly into my ear, just like whisper of an angel, telling me the answer "yes!". and 15months now, she is still as lovely, bubbly, caring toward me.

Just want to say "Happy 15th Month" of being with me, my dearest precious!

Love you lots,always and forever!

Friday, 28 January 2011

happy bunny year!!!

sorry my dear blog, for leaving you outdated for so long.
i promised that i'll update you more often....

happy chinese new year in advance!!!!!
have a "hopping" year ahead!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

she is...

i must confess, having the convenient of loading all your photos onto facebook do make me a lazier person to blog therefore the result is.... this poor blog are almost idle for nearly half a year, which is quite a long time and my better half pester me to blog it when i'm free.
so this is sort of like the summarize preview of what happened in my life in the past 6 months, after that special someone came into my life.

@ snowflakes during our 1st unofficial date
it's unofficial because she take it as normal outing, while i'm taking it as date. lol.
went for dinner and dessert at snowflakes then home. didn't thought we would ended up with each other months later. sweet!

@ dorae, melaka
we both shared similar taste for food, especially good food, so it's nice to have her around for food hunting session, but it ain't that good for our tummy. hahaha.

@ fong lye tea house
guess now i know why she called me pinky. hehe.
don't blame me, i'm born with this colour.

@ kukup island, primary schoolmate getaway trip
so happen both of us are wearing glasses, so we've a total 8 eyes, haha, but yet still will missed out something along the line.

@ kukup island
guess i've fallen for her sweet smile, her lovely voice, her oriental eyes, her bubbly character, her unique mindset, her blurry sense of direction, her innocent-kitten-like stare, her family-oriented mindset, etc. pretty much everything about her.

@ kampung jawa, melaka
i feel comfortable with her presence, feel at ease and comfort, like a mist of warm air surrounding you, keeping you warm and comfy.
maybe this is how a warmed heart felt?

@ home, melaka
it's hard to maintain distanced relationship whether it's short or long, but i do believe that putting in effort to maintain is what its count. only sometime she might feel lonelier than me, sorry dear!

@ kuchai lama
i know you like to travel, hopefully we're able to travel around the world together, and travel down the road of life together. will you? *hugs*

Sunday, 26 September 2010

gosh, it'll be neglected for so long...

Dear little blog,

Sorry for neglecting you for such a long time, I'll be reviving you soon I promise, when I could find that extra time to sit and tell you how my life have changed since that special someone came into my life, all the lovely moments, all the wonderful experience and all the amazing things we did. Till then, take care.

Yours truly,

*random photos taken from my work*